The Distiller

The Distiller is Startup Dunedin's own shared workspace, located at 22 Leithbank. The Distiller gives startups* access to affordable office space to work out of in their first 6-24 months, when leasing a commercial space or desk can be prohibitively expensive.

Meet friends, like-minded people, mentors or collaborate with other startup businesses. The Distiller presents opportunities to the next business leaders.

Distiller residents gain 24 hour access to amenities, their own secure desk, as well as access to the shared collective experience of all the residents.

The Distiller also acts as a feeder for the other Dunedin based co-working spaces. Residents graduate out of The Distiller once their startup secures sufficient investment or revenue.

Get in touch with the team to find out more about our permanent and hot-desk arrangements before coming to the space.



*It is important to note the difference between a startup and a small business. Both are legitimate in their own right, but Startup Dunedin’s role is to support startups.

Many first-time entrepreneurs don’t know which category they fall into. We’ve given some examples and distinctions below, but if you’re still unsure, reach out. Sometimes it is difficult to see the potential of a brand new idea.

  • Startups are highly scaleable. They have, or are trying to find a model that is repeatable and scaleable.

  • Startups typically have the intent to become a large company.

  • A startups function is to provide a vision of a product, create a series of hypotheses about the product and the business model and then quickly validate whether the model is correct. After the model is validated, the organisation’s function switches to execute the said model.

Here are some examples of startups:

  • AirBnB - Online Temporary Accommodation Marketplace

  • Snapchat - Social Media

  • Care/of - Personalised Daily Vitamin Packs

  • MakerBot - Powerful and affordable 3D Printers

  • Nest - Next generation thermostat

Here are some examples of what is not a startup:

  • A coffee car owner who sells coffee at the farmers market.

  • A lawn care service company.

  • A freelance designer.

  • A consultant.

Still unsure? Send us an email.