Audacious is a programme for students wanting to build the entrepreneurial skills and confidence to make a positive impact - whether you're planning on working in a company, starting your own business or still figuring it out. It’s open to anyone currently enrolled with Otago Univerisity or Otago Polytechnic in ALL areas of study - there are good ideas everywhere after all.

When: Check back for when the next cohort becomes available.


Audacious is a one evening per week programme that runs over the course of a semester. Students from all different disciplines and backgrounds come together to meet experts, learn entrepreneurial skills and start startups over pizza.

You’ll get to meet people working in cool careers in Dunedin that you never knew existed. You'll get to learn things you will use both during and after your studies. You could meet your new boss, your new career path or your new co-founder. Did we meantion there is also $5,500 worth of cash prizes that could help you get that idea off the ground?

Plus you'll get to add things to your CV like:

✅ Innovation
✅ Creative confidence
✅ Design thinking
✅ Networking
✅ Problem solving
✅ Teamwork
✅ Multi-award winning individual*


Programme Timeline

  • Week 1: Starting Where You Will Finish - Semester One Winners Present back

  • Week 2: Design Thinking - What is the problem you are trying to solve?

  • Week 3: Design Thinking - Who is your customer?

  • Week 4: Build a Business Model and Elevator Pitch - Communicate your idea

  • Week 5: The Bottom Line - Startup & Ongoing Costs, Break-Event Point

  • Week 6: Marketing & Branding 101

  • Week 7: Build a Pitch Deck - How to tell your story

  • Week 8: Round One: Presentation of pitches

  • Week 9: Round Two: Celebration and Finalists Pitch Evening

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