Our Mission

Provide Dunedin entrepreneurs the information, networks, advocacy and resources they need to build great companies.

Our Purpose

We are making Dunedin one of the worlds most entrepreneurial small cities.

Our Vision

Supporting 21 new companies in Dunedin, employing 210 people, by 2021.

What does it mean to grow the Dunedin startup ecosystem?

Every successful startup ecosystem has certain components which help it thrive. We look at other successful startup ecosystems and see what we can recreate, improve and support to give Dunedin the same level of success.

Currently we are:

  • Ensuring a coordinated city wide approach and visible road-map

  • Sharing knowledge, connections, events and information (don’t miss our newsletter)

  • Running and supporting collaborative events that connect the startup community

  • Sponsoring events which facilitate and grow the startup community (see grants)

  • Providing co-working space to early stage startups at The Distiller

  • Measuring and bench-marking our startup community

  • Educating first-time founders through Co.Starters

  • Propelling Dunedin’s most promising startups with The Challenger Series

  • Supporting Otago Polytechnic and University of Otago students starting up with Audacious

The board currently comprises eight volunteer members and has representation from Dunedin’s entrepreneurial circle as well as representation from the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic.

Startup Dunedin is an initiative of the Grow Dunedin Partnership and is funded by the DCC, University of Otago, and Otago Polytechnic.