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DunedinTech'18 Conference By Code Craft Dunedin

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What we'll do
The concept of a short, general, IT conference in Dunedin as part of Techweek 2018 is being worked on.

As members of the CodeCraft group we can help make this happen. The great unknown in organising something like this is whether people will turn up and in what numbers. So this meetup has very few details (on purpose) but, using the RSVP feature, you can indicate your support for the idea early which will be immensely helpful.

The idea is to start around 2:00pm, have several longer talks with light refreshments and conclude with a series of shorter talks (like we did in December). We would wrap up around 7:30pm and, if numbers allowed, take over a bar to carry on chatting. I have talked to several senior managers who have been supportive of letting people out of work for this so I hope anybody who wants to can attend. We would also look to have as low a charge (or no charge) if at all possible, but assume there might be a 10-20 dollar charge to cover costs.

So please RSVP if (and only if) you would definitely attend such an event on the 25th of May.

And please contact me or comment on this thread with any ideas or suggestions you may have.

What to bring
Yourselves! Lets see how many IT professionals we can get in one room, all who work in Dunedin.

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