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Get Your Unfair Advantage In Business

  • Petridish 8 Stafford Street Dunedin, OTA, 9016 New Zealand (map)

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How valuable would it be to quickly understand the tendencies of the person you are talking to, what makes them tick, how they prefer to be communicated with, and how they communicate themselves? 

In business and in all communications the quicker you can do this, the quicker you can get inside the mind of the person you are talking to, the faster you can build rapport, build trust, build confidence, and build relationships.

The faster you can do business.

Welcome to our fortnightly NBA Business Solutions "Learn at Lunch" business training events held at Petridish.

Last fortnight we discussed how you get under the surface of your potential clients needs so your customers want to buy from you rather than you sell to them...

This fortnight we are going to explore a subject which is imperative if you want to build relationships in business and in life. Practical human behaviour profiling. 

All of us have certain traits and tendencies we unconsciously do, and consciously do. These tendencies are the core of who we are, and although we think we are unique in our behaviours, these behaviours have been mapped.

This workshop is going to shed the light on the way we all behave, why we behave that way, and what that means for you and I. 

In this workshop you are going to uncover...
- The four dominant styles of behaviour
- The strengths and weaknesses of each behaviour
- The preferences of each behaviour so we understand why they choose certain tasks over others
- The language each behaviour prefers
- How each behaviour reacts under pressure
- The goals and focus of each behaviour

This workshop is going to open the lid on the people you interact with on a daily basis. You will be able to relate to exactly who you are, and recognize those you speak to daily.
Understanding this knowledge is fundamental to helping you build rapport with people quickly, build trust, and therefore do more business.

At the end of this workshop you will walk away with
- A map on who makes up these four categories
- How to speak to anyone based on your findings
- A clear idea of how to recognize these traits in the people you meet so you can immediately use this knowledge to your benefit

This workshop is going to help you understand your workmates, why they talk the way they do, why they behave the way they do, and how to communicate with them to grow the culture in your workplace.

This workshop will help you to recognize the potential customers you are speaking with on a daily basis. You will recognize how to communicate on their level quickly so you can talk to them how they like to be communicated with. Thus building trust, rapport, and confidence. 

Space is limited. We host these events on a fortnightly basis at Petridish, the the 2nd floor.

These events are designed to be bite sized workshops packed with tonnes of value and useful information for you to implement in your business immediately.

NBA Business Solutions is a business training and marketing team dedicated to growing business in Dunedin and nationally. 

Come along, enjoy the beautiful facilies at Petridish Shared Workspace, and take away massive value from our workshop.

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